BRAND OF SACRIFICE - Reveal Album Artwork, Tracklist and Guests For New Album "Lifeblood"

Deathcore machine, Brand Of Sacrifice have revealed an album artwork, tracklist, and their quite impressive guest features for the new upcoming album "Lifeblood", out March 5th, 2021.

The band released am uisc video for their first single "Demon King", a few days back. Watch below!


1. Dawn 
2. Demon King 
3. Animal 
4. Altered Eyes 
5. Prophecy of the Falcon (ft. Frankie Palmeri) 
6. Perfect World 
7. Mortal Vessel (ft. Ben Duerr) 
8. Foe of the Inhuman (ft. Eric Vanlerberghe) 
9. Vengeance (ft. Jamie Graham) 
10. Ruin (ft. Tyler Shelton) 
11. Corridor of Dreams 
12. Lifeblood See Less