BASILICA - Announce New Album, Premier New Song "Grinding Teeth"

February 5 2021 will see the release of Basilica's debut album self titled album "Basilica." Today we have premiered the first single, Grinding Teeth HERE. "Grinding Teeth" is one of the best representations of Basilica's writing style. The songs structure combines several heavy genres, with a focus on big drops and explosives climaxes. Lyrics tell of personal experiences, pain, and bring a more emotional side to the aggressive music."
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Basilica is the result of group of 3 music school majors wanting to form a metal band in the vein of Dying Fetus, Power Trip, and Code Orange. Their debut album ‘Basilica’ represents two years of deliberate growth: creatively, conceptually, and personally. With more intricate songwriting than releases in the past, the riffs and influences on this album have developed immensely. Musically, genre inspiration is wide and varying; combining thrash and death metal elements with metalcore and deathcore breakdowns, the goal of this album is to be as diverse as possible. Lyrically, the album follows general and existential problems in life, dealing with, and overcoming them; these are both an outlet based on personal experience, as well as relatable concepts for others.


1. Grinding Teeth 
2. Exit Wound 
3. Covenant 
4. Dispel 
5. Starve 
6. Womb 
7. Everything 
8. Chimeric 
9. Myling 
10. Sacrifice Of Form