ARHAT - To Release Their Debut Album "Dead Life" in December

Arhat, the groove metal band from Kyiv, Ukraine, will release the debut album, named Dead Life, on December 23! The album is marked by the band's aggressive sound and oriental melodies. An interesting feature is female vocals, which can be heard in the songs Mantra and Arhat. Another interesting ingredient is percussion, which emphasizes the oriental elements in the sound of the band (the songs Outcast and Arhat). The musical fundament is mix of groove, death and hardcore.

When it comes to the lyrics, some of the songs (Danger of Death, Outcast, Dead Life, Freedom, Maximalism) are ironic reflection of our rough times, and the other ones, namely Arhat, Stately Ruins and Mantra, contain plots from mythology and history of oriental peoples.

The Single "Outcast" can be heard below! "Maximalism" (studio playthrough) HERE.


1. Edge Of The Abyss (Intro) 
2. Dead Life 
3. Freedom 
4. Outcast 
5. Stately Ruins 
6. Arhat 
7. Maximalism 
8. Danger Of Death 
9. Mantra