ALEX TERRIBLE - SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL's Frontman Announce Comic Book "Kid of Darkness -Agony" (VIDEO)

Alex Terrible, frontman of Slaughter To Prevail and Scumsters has announced a comic book "Kid of Darkness -Agony".

Hell is empty, and all the devils are here. 

What if Hell doesn't look like the place described by various religions? Although it’s deep underground, there are still no boiling cauldrons with sinners, fallen angels and other elements of folklore. This place was not created by God, but by a certain Father - a mysterious ancient creature. In the center of the story is Alexander, a royal child, imprisoned in his world since birth. At Father’s insistence, he goes on a crusade against the traitors who have desecrated his home. "MOLOT HARDCORP" and Slaughter To Prevail frontman Alex Terrible present you an adventure comic book, in which there are not only battles with giant monsters, but also a touching story of baby Alexander.