THE FALLEN PROPHETS - Unleash New Single "Dead But Still Alive"

South African death metal band The Fallen Prophets have released their new single "Dead But Still Alive" via Metal Injection. The song is from their upcoming EP "No End In Sight" which will be released via MMD Records and features Kris Xenopoulos of Vulvodynia, Technopath and Xavleg.

Track listing:
1. Dead But Still Alive (feat. Kriss Xen of Vulvodynia)
2. Killing the Last Savior
3. The Beast (feat. Justen Hosken)
4. Believe (feat. Ivan Meathook of Blood Red Throne)
5. No End In Sight (feat. Oliver Saggerson of Bulletscript)
6. Deception (bonus track feat. Warzy)