T-REX MARATHON - Premiere Political Video "Faux News" Off New Album "Days Without Incident"

Ottawa’s punk/post-hardcore act T-Rex Marathon released their debut album "Days Without Incident" on October 16th. On the full length, the band wrote a track entitled "Faux News". The band wouldn’t call themselves very political, but this song to them is an exception. Bassist Jeremy Toppings wrote the lyrics to the track when he was on vacation in the US a few years ago and it didn’t take very long after that for the band to build a melody around them. More or less, "Faux News" is voicing concern to the tense political climate of the band's neighbours to the south are finding themselves in along with the rest of the western world.

The band adds: 

"Let’s get political. The title is a pun on “Fox News” and fake news (as if it wasn’t obvious). Faux News is an expression of anger towards our compliance to the corruption and determination to try and stand against it moving on. Punchy, energetic, focused, and provocative, the song is meant to be shouted out loud and is the kind of tune that would galvanize young budding activists to dive deeper into the ideas we convey."

For fans of Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, and A Day to Remember, T-Rex Marathon is out to prove they aren’t a one-trick pony with their first full length, which serves as a collection of everything they have been, will be, and currently are. The listening experience is a mix of nostalgia, reminiscent of the bands of their youth that they still love, and also intrigue. They have a goal of helping their fans reconcile their love of old bands and a glimpse of several other musical directions to explore, ultimately giving them a safe space to do so.

The band comments: 

“We couldn’t be happier with this album. It’s the culmination of many years of growth, and we’re over the moon to finally show it to people. T-Rex Marathon attempted many times to write a full album before. It just never felt quite right, but after years of a shuffling lineup, changes in sound, and other roadblocks, we have a product we are incredibly proud of.

Watch the new video below!

We have been described as many things, but one word kept coming up: Nostalgic. We had people from all over come and tell us that our music reminded them of their high school days. We were reminiscent of the music that introduced them in the communities they’re a part of today. We wanted to make an album that would feel familiar, yet novel. This album is a love letter to the bands that inspired us and a monument to the places we intend to go.

This album has something for everyone. As the five of us in the band, all come from different musical backgrounds, from punk to metal to musical theatre, this album covers a lot of ground, yet doesn’t feel like it’s drawn thin. But at the end of the day, we’re storytellers. We wanted to make a product that asks to be taken seriously, that demands active listening, that deserves your attention.

We hope that everyone else loves listening to it as much as we do.”


1. All For Nothing (2:56) 
2. No Words (4:56) 
3. Faux News (3:05) 
4. A Prison Just For Us (4:08) 
5. Turnpike (4:06) 
6. Pick Your Poison (4:58) 
7. Misfits (4:24) 
8. Sheltered (4:01) 
9. Futures and Goodbyes (4:32) 
10. 5 Centimeters Per Second (5:58)