SPACE OF VARIATIONS - Watch "MDX" Live Session

Watch below the full live session from Ukrainian Modern Metal outfit, SPACE OF VARIATIONS entitled "MDX".

The band commented:

"Looking back through all our releases- the Mind Darknet LP (2018) is probably our darkest material to date. The concept was to write about the blackest parts of the human experience: from the unmoral and evil sides we all have but never dare to confess, to the mistakes made in life that set you down a path which you can never stray from, to the simple realization that life is sometimes uncontrollable and simply unfair. We wanted to do something very special for the 2 year anniversary so we searched for a very unique location and found an abandoned Soviet era cinema in our hometown of Vinnitsya. Everything you hear on this recording was played 100% live. We decided to add 2 tracks from our Napalm Records debut EP XXXXX as we feel like it is just an extension of the Mind Darknet album, so there is a huge connection between the two. We are so proud of this and hope you enjoy it as much as we had making it."


1. Suicide Rave (MD) 
2. Sometimes (MD) 
3. Razorblade (X) 
4. Moonlight (MD) 
5. Room 57 (X) 
6. Tibet (MD)