ÆOLIAN - Release Second Album "The Negationist"

Spanish melo-death quintet ÆOLIAN is proud to announce the release of its environmentally-conscious sophomore album The Negationist, out now via Black Lion Records.

Invisible Oranges raves, "The Negationist offers a cohesive and measured take on the genre, brimming with leads and melodies from not only the guitar but occasional strings as well, and accented with plenty of blast-beat passages and impassioned yowls. Mournful acoustic guitar interludes see ÆOLIAN reaching to folk influences to round out their chosen palette."

Recorded by Miquel A. Riutort (Cryptopsy) and mastered by Dan Swanö (Dissection, Opeth), The Negationist is a diverse ecosystem where darkness and hope unite in a contemplative voyage, marked by the destruction humans have left on Earth. A combination of dramatic harmonies and irresistible aggressions, this sophomore album pleads for saving the environment and opening the way for a livable world to the next generation.

Formed in 2016, ÆOLIAN was formed on the shores of the Balearic Islands. Initially started as a personal project, the five-piece gradually transitioned into a functioning band through the compositional process. The Mallorca-based act is comprised of metallers from Spanish bands such as Helevorn, Goreinhaled, Desmodus Inferitvm Strangled, Battlehorn, and Decomposed Torso. Raising awareness for environmental causes through their lyrics, ÆOLIAN delivers its message with ripping melodic death while melding folk and black metal to vicious results.

Daniel Pérez – vocals
Raúl Morán – guitars
Gabi Escalas – guitars
Leoben Conoy – bass
Alberto Barrientos – drums

Guests Musicians:
Valentin Moldovan – piano on "Reborn"
Mika Posen – violins on "Blackout"
Miquel A. Riutor – spanish guitar on “Golden Cage,” additional chorus on “Animals Burned”

Brass orchestra on “Ghosts Anthem”:
José Vicente Franco Landete – tubas
Raúl Morán – trombones
Jaime Clement – trumpets
Juan Francisco Bertomeu Martí – french horns
Juan Carlos Murgui – tam tam