OBSIDIAN MANTRA - Drops New Single, Announces Album

"The most intelligent minds can be led astray by what seem to them phenomena, but to me, mere problems susceptible of lucid explanation" – this quote, derived from A Magician Among the Spirits by Harry Houdini, became the basis for the 2nd Obsidian Mantra's full-length album's title.

The main focus of Minds Led Astray was on writing shorter and more coherent songs – still keeping the refined compositions – and delivering the former dose of groove – but rooted in an even more inhospitable and darker sonic aura.

Lyrically, the album explores the issues of irrationality and mankind’s vulnerability to it, drawing on and referring to the skepticism tradition extending from the first protests against witch trials, throughout denouncing the spiritists' séances to more recent activity of modern skeptics.

Listen to "Ghost Hunt (The Discoverie)" below!


1. Shield of Disbelief 
2. The Demon-Haunted World 
3. Ghost Hunt (The Discoverie) 
4. False Spirituality 
5. Interlude 1 
6. The Orphans Bloodline 
7. The First Disbeliever 
8. Circle of Mourners 
9. Interlude 2 
10. Eternal Atonement

Obsidian Mantra, a Polish blackgroove death metal group formed in 2014, presenting the individual approach to groove-centric death metal, in which complexity and dissonance intertwine with atmospheric blurrings and experimental influences.