MUDBLOOD - Release New Single "Shipwrecks"

Italian alternative groove metal act Mudblood has revealed new single "Shipwrecks". The track - recorded and produced at Audiocore Studio - is taken from an upcoming album out in 2021.

About "Shipwrecks" the band says: "What will Death think of all that it's forced to do? Thinking about it, nowadays, most deaths aren't from natural causes but from the hand of Man and we're not only talking about people but also everything that surronds us. The song is a denunciation of what Man killed and is currently killing on our planet without thinking about the consequences of their actions. To give voice to this desperate cry for "help" is Death itself which, tired of being called to arms so often for futile and abject reasons, offers to the ear of the listener and explanation of her work in every aspect (positive and negative), leaving to him/her the final conclusions".

Mudblood was born in August 2015 from the ashes of a project, fouded by the drummer Daniele Grioni, that took shape after the actual vocalist/guitarist Alessio Tosi joined the band. In September 2017 the first EP "Alone In This Hell" was released. Between May and August 2018 Mudblood project stopped due to some line-up change. In October 2019, after having done some auditions with guitarists and bass players, Mudblood officially annouced the new and stable line-up when the bass player Martino Biancardi and the guitarist Riccardo Locatelli joined the band. In August 2020 they enter the studio to start recording their debut album.