JJ's ONE GIRL BAND - Release SLIPKNOT's Guitar Cover "The Devil In I"

German guitarist of the band Oversense, Jassy J. Metal, better know as YouTuber under the name of JJ's One Girl Band, has released a new guitar and perfoamce video of SLIPKNOT's "The Devil In I".

She commented:

"Happy Halloween 2020 everyone! 
This one is already a Slipknot classic among Psychosocial , Duality , Before I Forget , Eyeless and many more! I don't know how many requests I already got for this one! Catchy riff, catchy song! I hope you enjoy my cover as I played both rhythm parts and clean parts. Also if you like you can check my 10 Iconic Slipknot Riffs list! Featuring some of the best Slipknot riffs!"

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