IN MALICE'S WAKE - Album "The Blindness of Faith" Out Today

Today, Australia's savage thrash/death veterans In Malice's Wake release their new album, The Blindness of Faith.

Singer and guitarist Shaun Farrugia shares that the band is extremely proud of The Blindness of Faith: "It captures everything that I feel represents the spirit of In Malice's Wake. It is 10 extreme songs that combine crushing riffs, a darkness through melodies and atmosphere, and is just a collection of work that we are rapt to have our name on. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check it out and support us!"

Shaun Farrugia - Vocals/Guitars
Leigh Bartley - Lead Guitars
Karl Watterson - Bass
Mark Farrugia - Drums

In Malice’s Wake have established themselves as the dominant thrash/death metal force for well over a decade in Australia. Each full-length release has pushed further into darker and heavier territory. The combined trademark riffing style, intense speed, blasts/tremolo picking, and haunting melodies are integral to the recognizable sound of In Malice’s Wake. More importantly, it is the memorable songwriting and originality that the band has become truly renowned for. Each track speaks its own story and stays with the listener long after the album has ceased to play. In the current intensely populated marketplace - great songs is the only currency of value.

In Malice’s Wake have toured Australia and New Zealand and supported many of the greats, including Bloodbath, Destruction, At The Gates, The Haunted, Voivod, Napalm Death, Toxic Holocaust, Angelus Apatrida, Goatwhore, Forbidden, Krisiun and Warbringer. In Malice's Wake regularly headline Melbourne shows and festivals, and the band is renowned for its infamously violent pit and energetic fan base. In Malice’s Wake have a built a ravenous following via an old-school approach – sincere, destructive music and endless live assaults. The live CD-DVD feature that was released “Visions of Live Destruction” was a tribute to the incredible fan base the band have in Melbourne.

1. The Blindness of Faith
2. Graven Image
3. See the Light
4. Religious Holocaust
5. Unbound Sinful Light
6. Houses of God
7. To Die As One
8. Into the Outer Darkness
9. Ritual Slaughter
10. Gehenna

Get the album at Bandcamp or at the band's webstore.

The Blindness of Faith is available via CD digipak and digital stream. An extensive range of merch bundles including a large range of new apparel are available now via: