IMMERSE - Their Top 10 Favourite Music Videos

The UK based Melodic Hardcore band Immerse is about to release their new single "Paralyse" and music video on the December 18th, 2020.

The song showcases the punchier and more ambient side of the band’s material and is complimented with a disconcerting and dark visual.

In the meantime waiting for the single to come out, we set down with guitarist Tim Brown and he gave us his Top 10 Favourite Music Videos! Find out below what he said about the chosen ones!

EMMURE – Natural Born Killer 

This is one of my favorite music videos mainly because it’s all live footage from their shows. There’s something about videos like this that just get me pumped af. The intensity of the song mixed with different action shots of the crowd and the band works so well. It’s stuff like this that I watched constantly growing up, it inspired me massively. 


Another of my favorite videos – again coming back to the live essence of video styles but this one features behind the scenes, b-roll footage of the music video itself. It showcases the bands personality really well and you can tell that they love what they do. They’re just a bunch dudes having the best time of their lives! 

SUM 41 - In Too Deep 

In too deep is honestly the pinnacle of nostalgia for me! I love this video because of the memory’s of me and my sister sitting round watching KERRANG! when we were kids, at this time this video was everywhere and it’s just an all around great one. 

I love this video because of the imagery, it’s proof you don’t need band shots or even the focus to be on the band to make a cracking video! Zac did an insane job on this and it really resonated with me when I make ideas for our videos that imagery is just as effective if not more so than band shots. 

A$AP MOB - Yamborghini High Mob 

The visuals in this are crazy! I love the trippy effect and how each shot blurs into one another. ASAP Rocky is one of my favourite artists which is how I came across this video. Worth checking out for sure. 

This is one of the coolest videos ever. The way the video reacts to the bass in the song keeps it so interesting and always pumping. So much variety in the shots throughout the video. Absolute banger. 

Very funny video from the pop-punk kings. Boomer in his prime is a beautiful sight. I love how Blink have fun with their videos and it makes them so enjoyable to watch. 

I love the change between the dinghy club scene to the sun shots out at sea. It's a really interesting vibe on this song and has a real dark feeling to it. 

Legendary song. This show looked off the rails! It's all live shots of them when they were in their prime. Beating each other up, jumping all over the place and causing havoc. The black jumpsuits look amazing too. 


Everytime I watch this video it brings back so many awesome teenage memories. It's a house/street party in the sunshine and makes me really want to be there! Good Charlotte are one of my all time favorite bands so I had to include them on this list!