ICE NINE KILLS - Spencer Charnas Reveals the Bloody Details of a Lifelong Obsession With Horror (VIDEO)

Ice Nine Kills' Spencer Charnas loves the horror movies he doesn't even like The frontman for Ice Nine Kills drops some of his personal “horror history” about the scary films that shaped him.

Ice Nine Kills awesome new live album 'I Heard They KILL Live!!' Is out now via Fearless Records. Tickets to watch their gloriously gory streaming event “The Silver Stream” on demand are available until Sunday, Nov 1 at 11:59 pm from The event features a full concert set recorded at their sold-out show at The Worcester palladium last year and a bespoke, original horror movie, hosted by horror icon Bill Moseley.

When APTV Director Bobby Makar asked Spencer Charnas what his favorite scary movie is, he wasn’t setting up a bloodbath. Indeed, the Ice Nine Kills singer is a die-hard enthusiast of scary movies of all kinds. Horror films, splatter reels, you name it. If it bleeds, it feeds Charnas’ imagination to run wild in his chosen musical genre. Forget Christmas: In his world, Halloween is the most wonderful time of the fear.

In this APTV interview, the I9K frontman discusses his love of all things horror and how it’s affected him. No, we’re not implying the singer is a simpering candy-ass afraid of his own shadow. Horror movies have been essential not only to Charnas’ personal aesthetic but to how he conducts himself in the real world. Because you never know who may be watching…