HELL:ON - Stream New Album "Scythian Stamm"

Ukraine's leading Death Metal band Hell:On have released a 6th full-length album "Scythian Stamm" on November 1st, 2020 via Hell Serpent Music! The full album is available for stream below!

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1. Spreading Chaos 
2. The Architect's Temple 
3. Ashes Of The Gods 
4. Under The Protection From Beyond 
5. Movements Of The Godless 
6.The Denial Of Death 
7. B.S.B. 
8. Whispers Of The Past Yet To Come 
9. Roaring Silence 
10. My Testament

Hell:on was formed in early 2005, in Zaporizhzhia, Eastern Ukraine. Hell:on plays death metal with orient and tribal elements. Lyrics of the band generally deals with mysticism, philosophy and anti-religion. During the recordings of previous albums the band had worked with Andreas Kisser, Jeff Waters, Andy LaRocque, Marek Pajak. At 2019, band was nominated as Best Ukrainian Metal Act. Shared a stage with Rotting Christ, Kreator, Marduk, Napalm Death etc.