HEADFURY - Release Anthemic Debut Album “A New World”

HopePunk Records is excited to announce the release of A New World, the debut album from transcontinental hard rockers HeadFury, a 3-piece with its roots in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their sound is a mix of infectious riffs, punchy drums and emotional melodic soundscapes that will get your mind thinking and your head bouncing.

HeadFury is: 

• Vince van der Walt (Guitar, Bass) 
• Gideon Kretschmer (Vocals, synths) 
• Wayne de Bruyn (Drums)

Wayne and Vince are based in South Africa, and Gideon in Germany. The guys first met back in 2005 when Vince and Gideon were both signed to Musketeer Records playing in different bands. Wayne performed in the same scene and the initial creative connections were made.

“We’re super excited and proud to share our debut creation “A NEW WORLD”, a 6 -track mini- album and the culmination of months of inspired song writing, collaborating and recording. The album is a compelling mix between heavier, hard-hitting rock and metal core, and more melodic, emotive ballads and hooks.” – comments the band.

Fast forward 15 years and Wayne is sitting in a jam room with Vince laying down the music for what is to become HeadFury. The songs are magic, but they are missing the right vocals that can do the songs justice. A WhatsApp song share to Gideon was all that he needed to get on-board – this music needed to be heard! A few rounds of rapid and remote pre-production later and the guys are in studio at legendary B-Sharp Studios in South Africa laying down their first EP - no time to waste. The songs were recorded, mixed, and produced collaboratively at B-Sharp Studios and The Laundry Room in SA, and HopePunk Studios in Germany, with mastering done at Kelsey Mastering in SA.

Watch the video for debut single “Monterrey” below!

A New World is available now on all digital streaming platforms https://songwhip.com/headfury/a-new-world

Track List and info 

1. The album starts off with melodic face-melter PaleFace - a song referencing the recent and ongoing #blacklivesmatter movement and the associated police brutality, but more generally dealing with the fight against social injustice. 

2. Next up is Phantom Lover, a hard-hitting riff monster with melodic emotional vocal hooks. The song is about dealing with the inner demons awakened through losing someone you love.

3. Icarus provides an ethereal mid-album breather, channeling the Greek myth by flying too close to the sun, and with abandon, because that’s the only way to redemption.

4. Monterrey, the first single from the album, picks up the pace with catchy emotional melodic rock, singing about escaping to a better place, getting away from the mundane, the limits and rules of modern society and the powers that try to control our lives. It’s a song about hope after struggle, relief after pain.

5. Bringing the heavy back is On Dust Devils and Raging Bulls, a groovy, driving riff monster about facing up to your demons and enemies by owning who you are and not giving a fuck.

6. Ending the album is a refreshing track that shows HeadFury’s diverse range - Pantomime is an acoustic emo ballad about the interdependent dance present in every relationship, and how this gets tested in difficult times.