HAIL THE SUN - Share “Secret Wars” Music Video

Today, Equal Vision Records band Hail The Sun shared a new video for their song “Secret Wars.” Originally released on the 2017 EP of the same name, the band decided to create the video as a commentary to the actions and events that have occurred in 2020. As guitarist Shane Gann explains; “After all that has transpired recently, we can't help but think of this song, written back in 2017. We are pleased to have created a video for "Secret Wars," which is all about the influence of those in power and how they keep us unaware.” The lyrical content of the track is just as prevalent now, paralleling the feeling that many are experiencing throughout the world today. Vocalist and drummer Donovan Melero elaborates; “I wrote this from a perspective of an instruction manual on how to control and manipulate the masses for a hidden agenda. I think powerful forces can do powerful things when we don’t know what’s happening.”

You can watch the music video for “Secret Wars” below!

Since finding sobriety eleven years ago, Donovan Melero, the vocalist and drummer for Hail The Sun, has found himself constantly consumed with the idea of making the most of every day. Melero - along with bandmates Aric Garcia (guitar), John Stirrat (bass) and Shane Gann (guitar) - manage both the creative and business sides of Hail The Sun as they continue to grow into one of the most revered acts in their genre. On their latest album Mental Knife, released in 2018 on Equal Vision Records, the band elevated their already impressive style of play, pushing the limit of what is capable when walking the delicate line between intricate song arrangement, massive riffs, and thundering rhythms. This translates into the band’s charismatic live show, finding Melero switching from vocal duties behind the drumkit to front and center, as the full band exudes an energy that demands the audience’s attention. Formed in 2009, Hail The Sun joined the Equal Vision Records roster in 2016 with the release of their genre-blending album Culture Scars followed by the Secret Wars EP (2017). The band has been continuously working on new music throughout 2020, with the goal to create their most ambitious album yet.