FUCK THE FACTS - Are Back At It With New Album “Pleine Noirceur”

The grindcore smorgasbord of Fuck The Facts have a new album “Pleine Noirceur”.

Experimental and unapologetic, and one of the longest-running bands in the Canadian extreme music scene, they have been destroying stages around the world, from big festivals to dingy basements, since the early 00s.

The first release since 2015, “Pleine Noirceur” dives deep into harsh melodies, different layers, and a variety of different arrangement ideas where each of the members can flaunt their creativity and contribute wholly to the production. Fuck The Facts comment on the album:

“This album is meant to flow as a single piece. With “Desire Will Rot” we feel like we regained some of the dynamics that we lost on “Die Miserable”, and on “Pleine Noirceur” we’ve gone full-on with even more peaks and valleys than I think any record we’ve done in the past. I know it’s not really the trend, but the focus is more on the album than the individual songs themselves.”

“Pleine Noirceur” was recorded and produced entirely at the band’s very own Apartment 2 recording studio. The studio was first started in 2010 when the band recorded their album “Die Miserable” and has since seen many different artists from overall come in to make records.

Fuck The Facts has always put a lot of hard work into being the best possible live band, and it's something they are constantly looking to improve on. Staying true to their roots and themselves, they are not trying to win people over with flash and fluff.

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Track Listing:
1. Doubt, Fear Neglect (6:47)
2. Ailleurs (1:17)
3. Pleine Noirceur (5:42)
4. Aube (1:24)
5. Sans Lumiere (4:23)
6. Sans Racines (0:38)
7. Everything I Love Is Ending (4:14)
8. A Dying Light (3:41)
9. Dropping Like Flies (4:04)
10. L’abandon (2:07)
11. An Ending (3:27)
12. _cide (3:59)
Album Length: 41:46