DEMONSTEALER - Releases Killer New Song & Video Off His Upcoming EP

Sahil Makhija aka Demonstealer has released a brand new song and video off of his upcoming EP titled, 'And This Too Shall Pass' via his Facebook. 'No God will save you' screams Makhija halfway into this scathing, blastbeat-heavy ripper that channels Makhija's abject hatred for religion and all the ill it's spawned. Makhija adds, “It refers to humanity and how we're almost like a cancer on this planet; how we've created God, religion and blinded the masses with these man made creations.” The Festering Wound is now available to stream below!

The 4-song EP is being self-released with the help of a crowd-funding campaign that Makhija personally set up in July earlier this year. It was the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown in the country that provided Makhija with a new perspective and the inspiration to write new music. And This Too Shall Pass sees Makhija return to his absolute roots. All music on And This Too Shall Pass has been written, played and recorded by Makhija — making it truly a solo effort.

And This Too Shall Pass releases on 11th December, 2020. Pre-orders for the digital release are now available on the band’s Bandcamp [HERE]. The EP will be available on all streaming services including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.


01. This Crumbling Earth (06:26) 
02. A Festering Wound (04:06) 
03. Systemic Failure (04:30) 
04. From Flesh To Ashes (06:09)