DEFENESTRATION - Unleash New Single "Involuntary Manslaughter"

Belgian Slam/Deathcore outfit, DEFENESTRATION have unleashed a new single "Involuntary Manslaughter", taken from the upcoming album "Culpable Homicide", out December 4, 2020 via Realityfade Records.


1. The First Feet 
2. Culpable Homicide 
3. Involuntary Manslaughter 
4. Splattered (feat. Yannick from Virulence Of Misconduct) 
5. Slam Jam 
6. Don't Look Down (feat. Tim from Klysma) 
7. A Long Way Down 
8. Shattered Glass & Broken Bones 
9. Brutal Smackdown (feat. Maarten from Kaasschaaf Party Grind) 
10. A Harsh Landing 
11. Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog (Dying Fetus Cover) 
12. No More Sorrow (Linkin Park Cover)