DEFEATIST - Release Second Single & Video For "Never Enough"

Following the success of their debut single of the new era, ‘Mother’, Defeatist are back with their heavy hitting new single ‘Never Enough’. Keeping the emotional and heartfelt lyrics that were coursing through their original effort, the band continue to stamp their own trademark sound with punchier rhythms, blossoming lead lines and angst filled vocals.

“If you’ve ever felt alone, scared, isolated and left behind then this song is proof that there’s a way through. `Mother` is for anyone who’s been abandoned by their father. You don’t need them.” – Jacob Eynon, Vocalist

’Never Enough' explores the feelings of grief, heartbreak and loss. Trying to reach a place of closure and self-reflection following the untimely end of a relationship. The song portrays owning your mistakes, accepting them as the flaws that you were born with and moving on to a place where you can grow from them.

The video reflects this by following the character through a journey to a place of significant meaning, and ultimately accepting that it’s time to move on. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to live with your flaws, it’s never enough to succumb to them, to accept them and move forward, and grow to become the person you always wanted to be.

Having worked on various demos, Kris (guitarist) recorded the initial starting point of ’Never Enough', inspired by Defeatists love for bands like Counterparts and Misery Signals. With a heavier demo leading to a more Metalcore sound, which, combined with Defeatist’s emotionally driven alternative sound, created a pounding melodic-hardcore vibe that brought another shade of the band’s passion to the forefront of their music. Once the song was taken into the practice room and the vocals were written, the track transformed into a more chorus driven dynamic, while still harking back to the heavier influences Defeatist strongly admire and continuing down a melodic path.

’Never Enough', like ‘Mother’, was Engineered, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Timothy Vincent (Woodcroft Audio). His technical ability as an engineer and producer, along with his long-standing relationship with the band really helped them to explore new elements this time around. It gave the band the confidence to produce a track that is fresh and exciting while highlighting where they are and where they are aiming for.

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