DE8ED - Reimagine DOOM Eternal Soundtrack

Italian Nu-Metalcore band DE8ED are big gamers and one game they've been hooked on lately is DOOM Eternal. So much so, that they decided to reimagine the soundtrack.

"We all love the franchise and especially the soundtracks that Mick Gordon created," says vocalist Lorenz Carnevali. "In addition to writing lyrics for the fight anthem, we reimagined all the instrumental parts to create a powerful banger that we think fans will love!"

DE8ED has also released a music video to celebrate the new version of the fan-favorite track. "This is not the classic videoclip you see from a Djent band, probably because we are not," says Carnevali. "DE8ED is more like a Nu Metal band with 8 strings, and this video is an allegory of video game addiction and this is why it is so powerful, it’s light in some scenes and heavy in others starting from the song which is the heavier down tuned track in our production until now."

Listen "The Only Thing To Fear Is You" now on Spotify.