BETWEEN NOW AND FOREVER - Release Lyric Video For LINKIN PARK's cover "Papercut"


Alright, kids (or 30 somethings with a mortgage and tribal tattoo) dig out your old JNCO's, slap on a ball-chain necklace and a fresh coat of black nail polish, B-Ball jersey optional. We're taking a field trip to the mall, a place where we used to buy things, or just hang out at the arcade watching people play Dance Dance Revolution, bum smokes, and pound Monster energy drinks like we just may be the father "Kyle" never met.

We asked Between Now and Forever Front Man iRod why they would bother covering "Papercut" and he had this to say. 

"Okay, so I have to come clean here. Back when Linkin Park first hit the scene I wasn't into them. My 'lil sis was bumpin' it and I was a Punk. I was into bands like Green Day, NoFx, etc. But this song always got me. So when we started doing "Classic Nu-Metal" covers I couldn't wait to do "Papercut" It was never a question of which LP song. This one made me realize I wasn't too cool for Nu-Metal.

We have original music but covers are fun. Never wanting to chase the latest hits we do the opposite and cover old ass songs just because we like them. Our take on Nu-Metal is to do it just like an aging emo kid would. The main things that turned me off about the genre originally were the slight misogynist "bro" vibes and phony tough-guy voice many of them put on. Let's be honest here. The best stuff was so Emo. We hope listeners like it as much as our "Diary of Jane" cover or hate it as much as our Slipknot cover. Check it out on Spotify or YouTube if you want to trash us."

Between Now and Forever hails from the Hell of Upstate NY in a deathmatch to escape seasonal depression, poverty and substance abuse. Tune in to see who laughs last and you will be rewarded with Nu-Metal riffs paired vocal stylings reminiscent of Screamo.

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