6 ACRE EARTH - Releases Debut Single & Video "Too Late"

Emo influenced Pop-Punk band 6 Acre Earth releases debut single and music video “Too Late”, available to stream now on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and all other DSP’s.

Taking inspiration from bands like All Time Low, Paramore, and Stand Atlantic, 6 Acre Earth’s debut single, “Too Late,” incorporates a blend of different styles including Pop Punk, Emo, and Alternative rock. Its upbeat sound paired with dark lyrics make for an emotionally stimulating listen. Its lyrics tackle depression, regret, and broken relationships making it easy to relate to.

Fresh on the scene, 6 Acre Earth’s love of music is the driving force behind they’re songwriting and they’re passion bleeds through strongly. They combine a variety of catchy melodies alongside heavy subject matter to create their unique sound. The Northwest based band is eager to make a name for themselves in the growing alternative scene.