WINDCHIMES - Shares New Single and Music Video “Zetsubō // Succumb To” (ft. Peter Rono of Kaonashi)

Genre-blending metal band Windchimes shared their new single and music video “Zetsubō // Succumb To” alongside the announcement of their debut EP, Enervation, out October 30th. Premiering on BrooklynVegan, “Zetsubō // Succumb To” is evocative and heavy as it touches on observing the pain of a friend through an all too familiar cycle of suffering and addiction. The haunting intro sets a dark stage with Gavin Fornelli’s reverberating vocals before ripping guitars and intricate drums turn the track into a ground-shaking combination of black metal and metalcore. The band collaborated with Peter Rono of Kaonashi on the track whose signature high-pitched vocal attack appears halfway through the song, adding another unsuspecting element. The black and white video that accompanies the track digs into feelings of helplessness and anguish that are found throughout the lyrics, playing off the imagery of lines like “I dug my own catacomb.” 
Speaking on the track, vocalist Gavin Fornelli told BrooklynVegan:
“Addiction and mental illness are awful tribulations and watching friends spiral through this cycle inspired the lyrics on the track. Hold onto everyone you love, because you never know when they’ll be gone. Reach out to people who suffer, and ask for a hand if you’re suffering.”

Hailing from Western Pennsylvania, Windchimes are relentlessly breaking genre-boundaries with their enticing blend of black metal, metalcore, and post-hardcore. While that combination might not be metal-by-the-book, their upcoming self-produced debut, Enervation, puts the band’s unorthodox formula to the test with striking results. Consisting of Gavin Fornelli (vocals), Larry Rupp (guitar/vocals), Lucas Redick (guitar), Dillon Giesler (bass), and Jordan Braverman (drums), the band used the writing and recording process as a therapeutic release of negative energy. Enervation captures sadness, dread, anger, and pain, both lyrically and sonically, across six songs that transform from haunting melodies into roaring breakdowns. Having already shared the stage with the likes of Thy Art is Murder, The Contortionist, and Between The Buried and Me, Windchimes are here to bring something unique and tangible to an all too commonly oversaturated genre with the release of Enervation on October 30th.

Enervation Tracklist:
1. Mortal Body, Eternal Soul
2. Enervation
3. Zetsubō // Succumb To (ft. Peter Rono of Kaonashi)
4. Writhing With Withering Foliage
5. Glassface
6. My Echoing Soliloquy // Sunken