WINDCHIMES - Evoke a Heavy, Haunting Sound On Debut EP "Enervation" Out Today"

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Windchimes relentlessly break genre-boundaries with their enticing blend of black metal, metalcore, and post-hardcore found on their debut EP, Enervation, out today. While that combination might not be metal-by-the-book, Enervation puts the band’s unorthodox formula to the test with striking results. The EP, which premiered on The Noise, captures sadness, dread, anger, and pain, both lyrically and sonically, across six songs that transform from haunting melodies into roaring breakdowns.

Opener “Mortal Body, Eternal Soul” sets the tone for the whole album, putting their diverse range of styles on full display, coupled with lyrics that delve into the meaning behind the band’s name, as the track transitions from spoken word into an absolute frenzy. Title track “Enervation” is highlighted by an unnerving vocal attack as the band seamlessly blends black metal and death metal riffs, with “Writhing with Withering Foliage”, based around the disdain for over militarization, following the same sonic approach. Lead single “Zetsubō // Succumb To” is evocative and heavy as it touches on observing the pain of a friend through an all too familiar cycle of suffering and addiction, and features vocal contribution from Peter Rono of Kaonashi. Enervation winds down with the daunting “My Echoing Soliloquy // Sunken” clocking in at just over eight minutes. Sounding like a hybrid of Oathbreaker and Full Of Hell, the track takes an atmospheric yet crushing approach creating a feeling of being stuck, and unable to get out; reaching for help but never having a hand to grasp. You can stream Enervation in full below over Bandcamp or Soundcloud and order a physical copy here.

Speaking on Enervation, the band told The Noise: 

“This album is the accumulation of our negative energy directed into a form of art. We used the experience of writing and self-recording Enervation as a cathartic release of what we were all going through during that time. We hope you hear what we say, and can relate to these feelings.”

Enervation Tracklist: 

1. Mortal Body, Eternal Soul 
2. Enervation 
3. Zetsubō // Succumb To (ft. Peter Rono of Kaonashi) 
4. Writhing With Withering Foliage 
5. Glassface 
6. My Echoing Soliloquy // Sunken

Consisting of Gavin Fornelli (vocals), Larry Rupp (guitar/vocals), Lucas Redick (guitar), Dillon Giesler (bass), and Jordan Braverman (drums), Windchimes have been building a name for themselves across the Northeast and beyond. Having already shared the stage with the likes of Thy Art is Murder, The Contortionist, and Between The Buried and Me, Windchimes are here to bring something unique and tangible to an all too commonly oversaturated genre with the release of Enervation.