TAKE THE BACKSEAT, CASEY - Stream New EP "Philophobia"

UK Post-Hardcore outfit, Take The Backseat, Casey is streaming below their new EP "Philophobia".

"Philophobia" dives into a wider soundscape than previous releases from T.T.B.C, where experimental elements take the limelight. Into The Dark commences with a jarring percussive bang, reminiscent of an industrial track, but soon leads on to a softer synth transition before building up to a sound that fans of T.T.B.C will recognise; the big break down and energetic finish!

Insomnia however touches on a lighter, rock driven, 00's influence for fans of the Gothic Rock and Dark Wave era. With guest vocals from Lunayru, Insomnia reflects a more emotional and vulnerable side to the band and ignites that following theme from the record's title.

On to the penultimate track and Suffer hits you with that headbanging chorus and massive bass line, throwing in a modern twist with heavy keyboards taking the foreground.

The finale of "Philophobia" is Vilify Me. Combining all the previous elements we have heard already, Vilify Me starts with a Lo-Fi guitar, but continues to build while reciting a heart breaking story of love, loss, and acceptance. Accumulating with a huge last chorus the final track of T.T.B.C's lastest EP shows a new and mature outlook from co-writers Benjamin Crutchfield and Amory Blane which demonstrates a self-reflective approach on dealing with the fear of love; Philophobia


1.Into The Dark 
2. Insomnia (Feat. Lunayru) 
3. Suffer 
4.Vilify Me

First founded back in 2015, Take The Backseat, Casey found their initial sound in the sub-culture of the Post-Hardcore genre. Fast forward to Halloween 2019 and they would release the single “Sink or Sin” which would radicalise the band’s new direction. Taking inspiration from such acts as Nine Inch Nails, HEALTH and Tim Skold (to name but a few) T.T.B.C. took a direction into the industrial-goth-synth world and wouldn’t look back.

Jump to Lockdown 2020 and co-writers Benjamin Crutchfield and Amory Blane took the opportunity to write their most transparent and honest record to date. Heavily influenced by their previous single and adding elements of acts such as +++ (Crosses), The Birthday Massacre and Chelsea Wolfe, their next EP, “Philophobia”, was born.