SPOILER - Hit Hard With Debut Single Video "Repress"

NuCore upstarts SPOILER are ready to explode onto the scene armed with their vicious debut single 'Repress' - a vicious blend of Nu-Metal laden with influential nuances of metalcore, hardcore, beatdown and deathcore. Refining the dark and aggressive 90s sounds started by the likes of Korn and in more recent times Alpha Wolf and Loathe; SPOILER drops you with an onslaught of down-tuned guitars, crushing breakdowns, guttural vocals and hauntingly eerie hooks.

The five-piece hail from Essex UK and were formed amidst a bleak locked down Britain with a point to prove. They feature a wealth of experience from members Aaron Ketley (Vocals / ex-Postmortem Promises), Will Cattanach (Guitars/Production, current Addison Lane Vocalist), Chris Blake (Guitar / ex - The Dropper's Neck), Danny Keene (Drums / ex-The Dropper's Neck) and Jack Turner (Bass, ex-The Dropper's Neck).

Debut single Repress has a very personal meaning to vocalist and frontman Aaron Ketley, citing mental health as a theme for the song; ‘Repress is very personal to me’ explains Aaron, ‘mental health runs rampant through me, and I know it affects a lot of people too. The feeling of being angry at the world, feeling wronged. We’re not taking it anymore. This song is for us.’

Aaron speaks further about the band’s overall sound and direction ‘I want people to think we are heavy, but also understand music and relate to the topic when they hear the lyrics. I feel our sound is just heavy music. We take influences from anything from 90’s nu metal to hardcore and everything in between - we try not to pigeonhole ourselves into one genre. SPOILER takes elements of music we love, the things we feel and mash them up in a way that we like not what is expected of us. We’re not predictable, so watch this space!’

Stream it here!