SAMER ELNAHHAL - Ex-LORDI Stream New Album "Supernova Kill Road"

Samer Elnahhal comes from Finland and delivers his new funky industrial space metal melodies in his brand new album “Supernova Kill Road” which you can stream below!

After departing from Lordi in 2019, where he played bass as "OX" for almost 14 years, he has been recording his album of funky industrial space metal, while he is also busy tapping that bass for Down South Junkies.

Samer is on the lead of the album playing the bass, as well as rhythm guitar, while collaborating with several special guest lead singers such as Niki Rock (Barbe-q-barbies, Niki's Project), Henry Lee Roots (Spiha, Down South Junkies), Mica (Hellcity 13), Tommi Mikael, Mike Kuparinen and Simire.

With influences from his heroes like Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper spiced with vibes from Sin City movies and Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom books, you get your soundtrack for crazy bar hopping around the galaxy!

“Supernova Kill Road” was out in digitally on July 24th while on August 5th the first physical copies in a CD format arrived, while the album is available for streaming through all official pages. The vinyl edition is due in September.

So put your helmets on and head to Spotify or other digital platforms to get your doze of funky space, sci-fi metal!