REVOLUTION WITHIN - Stream New Album "Chaos"

"Chaos" is Revolution Within (RW) 's 4th album, the fourth for their record label ever: Rastilho Records. Considered by many as one of the most hardworking and profitable bands in Portuguese Metal, having already shared the stage with some of the great names in the international Metal scene, in 2020 RW releases probably their best album!

Stream the full album below!

With a new and reinvigorated line up that includes Raça in the voice; Matador and Adriano on guitars; Manu on bass and Tozé on drums, RW joined forces with the talented producer Miguel Tereso to record at the Demigods Studios - in the first months of 2020 - a powerful Thrash-Metal manifesto, refining the formula that had already made them famous on previous albums. The graphic art was in charge of the prodigy Samuel Lucas.

9 songs. 9 manifestos in the form of music. We are living in strange times, with more doubts than certainties. Chaos reigns but there will always be hope in the world as long as we want. "Chaos" is a vision of the cataclysm that lies ahead but, at the same time, a manifest of hope.

In the words of vocalist Rui "Raça": "In the past 3 years a lot has changed in our lives and everything on this record is reflected. We have never had a record as personal as this one. I am very proud of this record and I have no doubt that we managed to take a step forward. It will cause a pleasant surprise. to all who hear it. " Guitarrist Matador says that:

"This work reflects a lot of what goes on in our soul, each word, each note is felt, without a doubt it is our most personal record". 

"Chaos" is released on CD Jewel Case with 16 pages book, Cassette / Tape, and Digital on 10/30/2020.


01. Nebula 
02. Back from the shadows 
03. Chaos 
04. Take you down 
05. You will burn 
06. Enemy inside 
07. Broken soul 
08. I fear nothing 
09. Days of anger