MINUTIAN - Presnet New Single "Suspicious Smiles"

Finnish progrockers Minutian have released a new single, titled Suspicious Smiles, from their upcoming third album Magical Thinking.

The single is a comprehensive cross-section of the upcoming album's overall feel and style. The four-minute song is a mix of diverse musical influences ranging from rhythmic riffing reminiscent of Meshuggah to irresistibly melodic rock choruses.

As the world we know continues heading towards an increasingly unstable future, the lyrics of the upcoming album reflect facing the inevitable and dealing with the daunting consequences that follow. Suspicious Smiles observes a state of delusion where paranoia overtakes skepticism and every smile becomes an accusation.

Minutian are a Finnish band who have been brewing their modern progressive rock since 2010. Their third album Magical Thinking will be released in the near future.

Over five years have passed since the release of their previous album Inwards. During this time, the band has been meticulously perfecting their distinctive style and sound in addition to composing solid new material. On the new album, Mikko Heino is supported by guitarist Pekka Loponen on vocals.

The self-produced album has been mixed and mastered by Mikko Herranen, known for his great work with numerous Finnish rock acts.