MAXIME SOLEMN - Releases Anime-Inspired Death Metal Track

Belgium artist and producer Maxime Solemn has shared his new single "Melody of Death," a track recorded using only midi instruments that Solemn created himself.

"Melody of Death" answers the question, "what would happen if you took death metal, tuned it down to double drop C, added an orchestra and then put it in a cyberpunk future dystopia?" Because who hasn't been wondering that?

"I'm also a big weeb, so I wanted to throw in some Japanese elements," says Solemn. "The anime Psycho Pass is one of my favorites so it definitely inspired the whole dystopian vibe. The sibyl system in said anime is basically what gave me the idea to add the Japanese female robotic voice."

Although Solemn has only been creating his own brand of over-the-top metalcore for about a year now, he's been a veteran on the production side for quite awhile. He's regarded in the rock and metal production industry for his company Solemn Tones, which includes tools that have been used by Jonathan Young and Andrew Baena.

"I like my music to be larger than life," says Solemn. "I pump it full of explosions, risers and such production elements. I essentially want everything to sound like an industrial complex that's on fire while guitars are blasting simultaneously."

Listen to the single "Melody of Death" now on Spotify.