L'OCEANO SOPRA - Stream New EP "Kéreon"

Italian Hardcore Screamo outfit, L'Oceano Sopra is streaming below their new EP "Kéreon".

L’Oceano Sopra was born in 2015, somewhere in the fog of northern Italy plains. Their music is a powerful mix of modern metalcore, old school breakdowns, emotional spoken word and math-core influences. After releasing their first self-titled EP in 2017, they just put up a new album, KÉREON. Recorded between January and February 2020 with a new drummer, KÉREON features a much heavier and mature sound, with well–defined hardcore and metal influences. In the past few years, L’Oceano Sopra has toured northern Italy, playing live and sharing stages with well-known Italian and foreign metal and screamo/hardcore bands such as Marnero, Sunpocrisy, Frana, Disordine, Tunic, Blame Kandinsky.