KRASHAH - Share New Video "Babayka"

Just few months have passed since KRASHAH released ”Unsatisfied Love”, the single that made many people understand the band’s musical growth and evolution.

If in the latter the main influence was hip-hop music (and also trap), BABAYKA has its origins in drum’n’bass, genre of electronic music bone in the early 90s.

Electronic drums, slapped bass and very fast Bpm provide the song with a considerable energetic charge, evolving in a “dancing” nature which is the strong point of this song. Distorted and fierce guitars are the only reminiscence of the band’s previous works, while the melodic vocal lines on the choruses made the whole song “easy and pleasant” listening.

The videoclip, conceived and created by Mose’s Productions, takes up the mood of movies such as Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight” and “Revenant” by Iñárritu. The final result is a mini short-film with a Western setting and Horror flashes.

Krashah is an Alternative Metal band born in Verona (Italy). The first LP “Wolves’ Empire”, release in 2018, is a concentrate of musical power totally outside the box. But not only: the album revolves around a socio-environmental protest the invites people to come together and challenge the current system.

In 2019 the band began a new artistic path, which led them to collaborate with Mose’s Productions for the creation of a new sound, a new style and a new identity.

Revolution is not just words: evolution IS revolution and Krashah’s sound continues to change over time.