JUNEXA - Present New Single Video "Lifeless"

Post-Hardcore/Metalcore outfit, Junexa have released a new single and music video "Lifeless".

"Lifeless” is a technical yet atmospheric track featuring impressive guitar work and a heavy atonal writing style. The video was filmed with SquareUp Studio’s Eric DiCarlo who is known for his directing work with Left to Suffer, Attila, Gideon, Shadow of Intent, etc.

The single is the title track from the band's Lifeless EP, due out on October 31. As a whole, the EP is an amalgamation of the Warped Tour scene, meant for fans of genres ranging from hardcore and metal to pop-punk. With a band name inspired by the work “juxtapose”, Junexa often uses contrasting musical elements within each one of their songs. "When people listen to our music they have a hard time identifying the genre because of the mix of elements from pop-punk and post-hardcore to metalcore. People also say parts of our song may sound like this band or that band but they cannot target a single band that we sound JUST like and we are proud of that. We are our own thing and that’s all we wanted to be."