JACK LONGO - Announces Debut EP, Drops First Single Featuring Tom Armstrong From Earthbound

Jack Longo is the brand new solo alt-rock project out of Gippsland, Victoria! Today, Jack announces his debut EP to the world, and rolls out the first taste of it, featuring guest vocals from Earthbound's Tom Armstrong.

The EP 'I Will Ruin Myself' is his three-track (with an outro/instrumental fourth track!) debut effort, with it serving as an introduction to the world to his sound and flavour of alternative and heavy rock. The EP is available to pre-order from Friday October 16 - and will be released on Friday November 27 at http://ffm.to/jacklongo_EP. The first single will be available to stream and purchase this Friday October 16.

Jack formerly performed in Melbourne-based metalcore bands and with this studio project, he found an easier-going sound – but it's certainly not afraid to twist and blend in heavy elements when need be!

Speaking about the first single, Jack said that this track is "...about self-sabotage - that urge to give up and accept your flaws and punish yourself for them. Feeling like the only recourse is to apologise that you are the way you are. The song rises and falls like the guilt you may feel you’re pushing people away, but believing it’s for their own good."

On the themes of the EP as a whole, Jack went on to say that "Throughout the EP are scenarios of self-sabotage. Hence the title. I Will Ruin Myself deals with themes of pushing away those you love for what you believe is their own good, and then bearing the weight of those actions… or inversely, staying in the company of those you know even though you know its not in your best interest."

"Closing out the EP is an instrumental with a quote meant to draw attention to a question that I’m sure we’ve all wondered: 'Does it matter, or is our fate decided for us?'"