ILLUMINATED MINERVA - Launch New Music Video "Wilder (Mother Goddess)"

Calgary, Canada’s Illuminated Minerva released their emotional, turbulent full-length “Enigma Adamantine” on September 25th. The album is a showcase of the band's amalgamation of heavy riffs, groovy bass, and psychedelic melodies, and in lieu of vocals, archived audio clips resulting in oratory artistic storytelling. The concept album is five long songs and is an instrumental progressive metal record based around conspiracy, UFOs, and abductions. An album experience as unique as the stories within. Fans of the band's 2014 debut EP "The Immaculate Deception" will notice a divergence from the ambient and electronic focus towards heavier and more technical songwriting.

Today, as the album blazes through speakers of fans, the band is sharing their new music video for the track "Wilder (Mother Goddess)". The song is an onslaught of technical brutality set to a narrative of biology, reptilian beings, and ritual. Slithering guitar, ancient rhythms, and ripping bass cut deep in the track.

Track Listing: 

1. Heart Beat of Creation (9:48) 
2. Sightings (5:08) 
3. Abductions (7:05) 
4. Wilder (Mother Goddess) (8:37) 
5. Illuminatus Majoris (13:03)