HUMAN BARBECUE - Stream New Album "Bloodstained Altars"

Belgian Brutal Death Metal ouytfit, HUMAN BARBECUE are streaming below their new album "Bloodstained Altars".

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1. Twelve Gauge Facial Reconstructive Surgery 
2. Ritualistic Consumption 
3. Masticating the Fermented Flesh of Putrified Cadavers 
4. Sliced And Eviscerated (feat. Brandon Smith of Agonal Breathing) 
5. Repeatedly Stabbed With a Bowie Knife 
6. Homicidal Embryonic Rampage 
7. Acidic Liquification of Internal Organs 
8. A Murderous Soul with a Chainsaw 
9. Impaled, Flayed and Devoured 
10. Bone Splinter 
11. Bloodstained Altars (feat. Andreas Tseung of Soils Of Fate) 
12. Abhorrent Torture Killing