GREY STATE - Release Prodigious Debut EP "In My Head"

Birthed in early 2019 and developed in a global pandemic, post-rock four piece Grey State's debut of staggering, immense talent was released into the ether on October 10th. Debut EP In My Head is a 6-track record that incapsulates a striking experimental ability similar to industry champions like Circa Survive and Underoath. Although In My Head is the first, of what is likely to be many, records in Grey State's discography, these six tracks contain an exceptional fine-tuned formula that will quickly turn this band into a legacy.

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Grey State was officially formed in 2019, when Cameron Berg and Bryan Davis joined Anthony Eynard, Brett Satterfield and Matt Alexander in a project that had been quietly developing for years. Growing up in the Charlotte hardcore and metal scene of the early 2000's, Grey State admits their influence from their more aggressive predecessors. However, the deliberate attempt to achieve sub-genre ambiguity is what truly defines the sound of Grey State and pushes their creative process forward.

"Writing and recording music amidst a pandemic was anything but ordinary, however, the experience was both challenging and serendipitous and we couldn’t be more excited to share these songs with all of you." - Grey State