EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE : KINKSHAMER - Unveils NSFW "A Most Vulgar Display" Music Video

Last week, Los Angeles-based NSFW Progressive Metalcore/Deathcore group Kinkshamer dropped their debut music video for "Foreplay / Beauty and the Beast." Now, the band are revealing another raunchy video, this time for the track "A Most Vulgar Display."

Vocalist Riley Rowe states: "The metal genre stands on the foundation of taboo. It is a rebellion against the normal, the plain, and socially acceptable. To continue this taboo tradition, Kinkshamer's music shines a light on the dark sexual fantasies and fetishes of us all. 'A Most Vulgar Display' is a perfect example of this with the lyrical theme of the track delving into the ludicrious act of public sex. Adding visuals to this song was very fulfilling. I think the end result of the video and song together amplifies the perverse topic of exhibitionism and voyeurism. Also, be sure to keep your eyes out for more videos coming later this month too."

Kinkshamer released their debut EP Societal Sects in 2019. Each song on the album revolves around a particular fetish, kink, or aspect of sex. Later in 2019, the band opened up for homoerotic deathcore pioneers Brojob. Currently, the group plans to follow-up their debut EP with even more provocative, shocking, and most of all kinky music in the future. For now, they have pieced together some raunchy and stimulating visuals for the whole aforementioned EP.