EXCLUSIVE: HEDRAS - Premiere Video For New Single "Pagans"

After releasing it’s latest single Innate Behavior, the past month in September, the band is releasing another new fresh single titled ”Pagans”, in a preview of a new and upcoming album also titled “Pagans“.

Watch below the exclusive premiere of their new single and music video!


"Pagans is a beast where all the most grotesque musical animals come together, animals that captivate me and awaken my musical instincts. From a dark Classical counterpoint, that when I composed it I’d imagine Bach or Chopin in a dark cathedral playing the main verse a two-handed counterpoint, low Bass on the left and high Melody on the left, except that in real life Andy Frederick is the left hand and I am the right hand.

It is one of my favorite pieces as it represents my ultimate goal in music, which is to mix all my influences such as the progressive and heavy sound of John Petrucci, who has influenced me a lot, and the sound of deep and contemporary harmony of jazz of certain individuals, such as John Scofield and Charles Altura, who have influenced my vocabulary on guitar.

Each of these styles has certain elements that complement and feed my musical inspiration and imagination".

“Pagans“ was composed by Hedras in 2017 when the guitarist still lived in Guatemala. Drums were recorded by Anup Sastry, a renowned drummer in the world of Progressive and Djent, Bass was recorded by the incredible Japanese bassist Ayumu.

Hedras played an Abasi Larada 8-string guitar that Tosin Abasi himself from Animals As Leaders gave him, while Andy Frederick played a Cort KX508MS.