ENEMY CRUCIFIXION - Stream New Album "C.O.H"

Russian Brutal Death Metal outfit, ENEMY CRUCIFIXION is streaming below their new album "C.O.H".

The group was established on April 4, 2014. At first, the project consisted of vocalist Artemiy and two guitarists: Gleb and Grigory. There were a lot of blanks in the form of different material-the work was in full swing. In the process, many participants joined and disconnected from the team. Drummer Kirill joined the band in 2017. In 2018, the band left Sergey, at that time the second guitarist of the project, who left us the track "Separated" on his album. in 2019, Alexey will take the place of bass guitarist instead of Grigory, who also left the band.

The debut album "Disgod" was recorded in 2014 and was released almost immediately after the band was founded.

Enemy Crucifixion immediately started writing new material and 2 years later the first full-length album called "Core Of Humanity" was released.

Then there was a lull in the band due to the band members ' versatile approach to the musical genre and the future direction of the band. During the lull, it was decided to record and release the song "The Domination of Machines" now renamed " Separated".