DESOLATE BLIGHT - Unleash Chaotic New Single (feat. Kyle Williams of BABIRUSA)

San Antonio post-deathcore trio Desolate Blight have released their new single, "Hyperthymesia." The track is a chaotic and savage exercise in extreme metal reminiscent of The Black Dahlia Murder and Thy Art Is Murder. The band recruited Kyle Williams of Babirusa (AUS), who lends his signature energetic vocals to the track as well.

For the band, "Hyperthymesia" is all about reflection. “Hyperthymesia is a condition where one is able to vividly remember a large portion of their life, which is the main theme of the song,” explains Desolate Blight, “The song is about someone remembering the things they had done, looking back on their life with a complete sense of regret.”

"Hyperthymesia" is the lead single off of the forthcoming album Nostalgic Dread, due out October 27th. Picking up where they left off with their previous album, Lucid Connection, Nostalgic Dread is a trance-inducing, emotionally unrelenting album compete with Desolate Blight’s must well structured music to date.

Formed in 2017 as a studio project between two friends, Desolate Blight is a deathcore band that aims to be pretty, rather than heavy. Heavily influenced from artists like The Black Dahlia Murder, Deafheaven and Odd Future, the trio, consisting of drummer Arthur Molina, vocalist Skeye Blight, and guitarist Noel Ruiz, sees the band as a creative outlet to have their brains on display. Featuring melancholic melodies, agonized vocals and very raw/heartfelt lyrics, this band is an unrelenting emotional force hellbent on making those who struggle feel less alone, and those who feel hollow feel complete.

"Hyperthymesia" is now streaming on Spotify

Nostalgic Dread is available everywhere on October 27th.