CURIMUS - Salutes 80s Horror Movies With a New Music Video

Finnish Death/Thrash Meatl band Curimus has released a third music video from their upcoming third album "Garden of Eden. "God Eater", drenched in 80's horror film estetics, is the first video directed by award-winning master photographer Vesa Tyni.

"As I was given full artistic freedom with the production, I decided I wanted to impart an important message through comedy. As a fan of old horror films I draw atmosphere from my 80's favourites, like Evil Dead. I definitely wanted the band to be involved as actors, and place these great personalities in an unusual position. The idea behind the video is the eternal confrontation, where religions determine the boundaries of right and wrong.” There's surely a seed of evil growing in people blindly following their "sacred book", tells Tyni.

Garden of Eden is to be released 30.10.2020. Music videos for singles "Eradication Manifest" and "Ignite" were released earlier.


1. Eden Unveiled 
2. Ignite 
3. 72 (feat. David Bower) 
4. God Eater 
5. Eradication Manifest 
6. Victims 
7. Catalyst 
8. Hate the Progress 
9. Eisegesis 
10. Absence