AVANTGARDE - Stream New EP "...Are You Still Alive?"

Russian Trash Groove Metal outfit, AvantGarde are streaming below their new EP "...Are You Still Alive?".

The band was founded in 2008 in Zavitinsk, Russia. For a decade, the band has been making their own material, touring cities in the Russian far East, and performing at large and small festivals.

After winning one of the biggest festivals (Cosmodrome 2018), The band received a prize in the form of an EP recording. After much work, in 2020 the band released EP "..are you still alive?" which contains the agony and madness of a world that has been going mad for centuries and has been covered by the pandemic.

However, the main idea of the album is that everyone chooses their own destiny. No one can help us but ourselves. No one can destroy us but ourselves. So who are you? A victim of the night streets, another piece in someone else's game, or a prisoner of chemical dreams? You checking every step, avoiding wolf pits and broken glass. You dance like a shadow on the asphalt of the stone jungle. Without asking for compassion or advice, you choose your path under the stars of neon lights - too free to be silent, too smart to speak, too strong to give up. The world around you is spun like meat grinder, somebody dead somebody have gone mad. You hear their whispers, you know the question that haunts them: why... are you still alive?

Download/Stream: https://band.link/nPD87