ARCHITECT WITHIN - Release New Single "Dirty Face"

Christian rock band, Architect Within, released their new single "Dirty Face" to all digital outlets. In addition, the band released the official lyric video for the song.

"Dirty Face is a special song to us being it is the first song we recorded together as Architect Within. The content lyrically and musically is so heavy and weighty that we wanted the song to come out later in our series of releases. Our timeline, like everyone else's was thrown off due to covid, but we believe the time has come to share this meaningful, favorite song of ours. This song deals with conviction of sin that is found all in the world we live in. Which once it is pointed out to us ,leads to a broken spirit and desire for change, from this worldly "dirty face" says the band.

Architect Within is a Christ centered rock band formed in 2019 by Tim Jones and Aaron Davenport, sparked by Tim's Christian conversion in late 2014. Architect Within is fronted by Tim, a passion driven singer/songwriter playing bass/guitar ,while Aaron is a known shredder guitarist who's chops are second to none. Both Tim and Aaron heavily contribute to the songwriting process. These two seasoned performers combined their talents to create music with a faithful message unlike anything on the music market today both Christian or otherwise.