THE MYOPIA CONDITION - Premiere Single “Separation From Classification”

Canada’s The Myopia Condition is very excited to be releasing their debut album “Event Horizon” on October 16, 2020.

Elegant grooves are mashed together with blast beats and double kicks, along with guitar leads that sing like birds. The album is full of energy from front to back; even the soft bits are heavy. It's a very real and genuine record both lyrically and musically along with hints of goofy amongst. The Myopia Condition doesn’t take life too seriously, but they pour passion into their music.

“Event Horizon” has great depth to it, with dynamically diverse songs that evoke emotion from listeners. The Myopia Condition further explains the album in their own words:

“This album has something for every metalhead, in my opinion, especially those inclined to listen to overtly heavy metal. Rhythmically the band's tightness and aggressiveness leave the audience stunned and wanting more.”

The Myopia Condition is an adrenaline-packed live experience as witnessed at local festivals and shows. They are antsy to return to the stage, but in the meantime offer this album while we wait for the world to return to normal.

Today, the band is sharing their first single “Separation From Classification”.

The track talks about finding your own voice instead of following the in-crowd. An anthem for coming as you are and not just sticking to the status quo, it encourages being kind, real, non-judgemental. Starting at a medium pace it builds into thrash and slows down in the middle for some tasteful cleans and jazzy leads. The song continues on with some heavy vocals and harmonized screams, ultimately finishing off with one of the tastier riffs on the album.

“Separation From Classification” was premiered on NoCleanSinging. Take a listen below!


1. Event Horizon (1:01)
2. Separation From Classification
3. Brainwashed (3:08)
4. AfterLife (2:57)
5. Walk Me Home (2:45)
6. Song 9000 (3:28)
7. Empty Room (2:50)
8. Rotting Soul (3:05)
9. Fighting Fables (4:26)