STEPS OF ODESSA - Present New Album 'Obsidian Skies'

Steps of Odessa is a progressive metalcore band from Orlando, Florida. Their project is a modern evolution of progressive metal, featuring spacey synths and crushing guitar riffs.

The band was founded by drummer Matt Wassum and guitarist Paul Kalugdan. Both musically educated in their own rights, the band has become their passion, allowing them to create intense and complex music. In 2017, Steps of Odessa released their debut EP titled Wasteland. The band used the help of their friend Peter Fleites to record and mix the work. Peter subsequently joined the band as a second guitarist, and mixed and mastered the band's first full-length album.

In August 7, 2020, Steps of Odessa released their first album Obsidian Skies, a complete D.I.Y. album.

Obsidian Skies is Steps Of Odessa's first full-length work. The album is recorded and produced by themselves which is quite impressive because this album is absolutely amazing.

The album is an aggressive evolution of their previous sound, and it is defined by faster songs, complex time signatures and even more synths. The lyrics contains messages of societal collapse and human complexity.

It is an amazing work all around that reminds us of 2010 metalcore bands like The Word Alive but with a more complex approach in the composition. Aggressive guitar riffs, stunning drums and beautiful and jazzy synths combined with a great voice work makes this album an actual jewel for those who love progressive metalcore.

When you hear it, it comes out how talented the musicians from this band are, and even more if you think about that it is composed, recorded and produced all by themselves.

Most of the songs in the album have that hardcore and aggressive sound that makes metal lovers want to get into a mosh pit in songs like Obsidian Skies, but even knowing what the songs are about, Steps of Odessa does not get stucked in sad compositions as it is shown in songs like Sledgod that has happier melodies and an incredible clean voice in it. It even contains a clean instrumental song, Ascension, which is plainly amazing!

That kind of things make this album an absolute great work that must be heard by all the metalcore fans all over the world.