SEARCHLIGHTS - Release Debut Single Video "Rain"

Female Fronted, Djent/Post-Hardcore international band, SearchLights with members from France, Wales, and Ireland, has released their debut single and music video "Rain".

During the Covid-19 outbreak, technology and the Internet took over and gave birth to SearchLights: A Djent/Post-Hardcore band, unifying the UK, Ireland and France.

The band already has some professional experience from half of the members via their previous and current bands: Alaska, Merge, I DIGRESS, and Our Last Goodbye.

SearchLights is more than just a band. The band is inspired by the pop culture of these past years which has stemmed from video games and TV series of the post-apocalyptic world. SearchLights has used this inspiration to create powerful and melancholic music, based on the story of a Post-Apocalyptic World. By the power of technology and music, the band immerses us in a full visual Universe of this Post-Apocalyptic tale.

The music of Searchlights is a mixture of everything current in the Metal Music Scene, with a mix between Djent and Post-Hardcore. Beth (frontwoman) immerses us in melody with her voice, telling an entrapping story, and Flock (keys and vox) packs a punch with a powerful and aggressive scream, whilst mixing jerky and ambient guitar riffs.

Please dive into the Searchlights Universe with their first chapter: Rain…