SCOUNDREL - Announces New Music, Vocalist and Facebook

Fresno, CA's own Metalcore heavy hitters Scoundrel tease new music on youtube with their live stream set, featuring the breakdown king himself Jay Muller (Reminitions). In May 2020, Scoundrel announced the departure of vocalist Dakotah O’ Neal (Serpents Tongue) and began holding auditions for a new frontman during the pandemic. “No matter what, with or without a vocalist, we still keep writing music and practicing, because we never know when the country will open up again.” Bassist Steffen Clark said “I knew Jay (Muller) was bored and wanted to perform again. So i just reached out to a few friends, grabbed some mics, set up some tripods, and we drove out to an airsoft/paintball arena and shot this shit, with restrictions of course”.

The Live stream video dropped on youtube August 28th, 2020, but before they could even promote it their facebook page was hacked. All remaining members were removed from their page and immediately followed by deletion within 48 hours.

“We had reached out to an unresponsive, unhelpful, facebook support chat that had me running around for 3 days and repeatedly telling us there was no issues with the page. Our Guitarist Eric, has several charges for $50 from facebook ads that we had unauthorized. All facebook did was delete our page entirely.” Steffen expressed.

Scoundrel’s new Facebook page can be found at

Watch Scoundrel LIVE featuring Jay Muller of Reminitions below!